Climb every mountain!

by Laurence Mussett – Director


We have worked with Crest Nicholson in the South West for many years but never in that time has anyone been quite as crazy as the current Development Director, Andrew Ball.

Andrew persuaded his son Daniel to join him on a climb up Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain in Italy at 4060m. The original plan was to climb Mont Blanc but electrical storms prevented that particular escapade.

Well done to them both; they raised £2,560 for Parkinson’s UK. We were delighted to sponsor their equipment costs and are grateful to them for the fantastic photo holding the LMA flag aloft. Daniel doesn’t look so pleased but then he had to carry it in his rucksack…

Says Andrew: “The training was difficult, especially the proper mountaineering which we hadn’t done before. Daniel’s normally deep voice went up a couple of octaves due to a badly adjusted harness incident during an abseil”.

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